1988 | 89 nest | kokons

“Nest | Cocoons”

Images from nature play an important part in this collection.

I am fascinated by the shapes of nests in trees and rushes, and by cocoons and climbing plants.

The jewels are composed of colour anodized aluminium rods. The rods are linked by a stainless steel wire to form a long tendril, which is then bent into the shape of a necklace or bracelet. Climbing plants are the inspiration behind this technique for attaching objects.

These jewels, seemingly so fragile, are in fact very sturdy because the rods are wrapped in tin foil that gives the stainless steel wire extra strength.

I borrowed this technique from the way that Spanish farmers fence in their land. They wind a piece of cloth round the posts so that the wires remain firmly attached to them.

photography by Tom Haartsen / Ton Werkhoven
translation by Donald Gardner