2003 een handvol

“A Handful”

This work came about after a trip to Curaçao where I lived until I was four years old.

During this journey my curiosity by the “hidden” forms of underwater life.
I was enthralled by the brilliant colors and often extremely bizarre organic shaped of
both flora and fauna.

The different sorts of coral with their lace-like structure and exquisite detail intrigued me. Not only was nature a source of inspiration for this word, but a great role was played by my buried or forgotten childhood memories which surfaces once more in my conscious mind.

Organic forms resembling coral hang from long threads or are processed as rings. They are cast in coloured or untreated silver and materials such as pearls, shells or wool are worked into them.

The pieces of jewellery are meant to be held in one’s hand and to provoke a sense of wonder.

photography by Tom Haartsen
translation by Donald Gardner