2020 20 x twenty x 20

“20 x twenty x 20”

Since 1995 I have regularly used pearls in my work. Most of the times, I do not use all pearls of a cord, which has led to the creation of a large collection of loose pearls of all shapes, colors and sizes.

This collection of pearls and the number 20 is the source of inspiration for these pieces.

 20 yellow silk threads

20 different pearls

20 pearls on a string

The necklace titled “20 x twenty x 20” consists of 20 pearl strings, tied together with a ribbon. The cords can be worn together or individually, and you can vary with numbers. The necklace comes in a box with 20 small boxes in which the jewelry can be stored.

In addition to this necklace, there are loose necklaces in three different sizes. You can decide how many necklaces you want and there is also the possibility to let the piece of jewelry grow.